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The smart way to manage your pharmaceutical shipping

Between managing prescription needs and ensuring quality patient care, it can be overwhelming keeping up with shipping and delivery tasks. That's why leading pharmacies choose Cardinal HealthTM  OptiFreight® Logistics to implement a scalable shipping management program that drives long-term efficiencies and value for its customers.

And most importantly, we're here to help ensure you never lose track of your patients' lifesaving medications. OptiFreight® Logistics gives you greater visibility into the location of packages, including near real-time shipment status updates and alerts on delays, allowing your pharmacy to plan for the unexpected. 

How it works: 

  • Whether you're using UPS or FedEx, we work directly with your carrier to streamline and monitor the journey of your shipments, ensuring your patients receive their medications right when they need them.
  • Best-in-class data, coupled with wrap-around services from committed experts, help you optimize your pharmacy's outbound and inbound shipment program to uncover cost savings and improve operational performance. 
  • As your advocate, we'll take care of tracking and intervening on issues so that you and your staff can focus more on providing exceptional patient care.

Shipping solutions proven to grow pharmacy annual savings



How OptiFreight® Logistics simplified shipping for Atlantic Biologicals

Today, Atlantic Biologicals is saving both time and money, precious resources they can now reallocate to improving patient care.


100% of new customers surveyed were satisfied1 


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References: 1. Cardinal Health data on file. OptiFreight® Logistics Voice of the Customer Survey; 2021.