OptiFreight® Logistics TotalVue™ Tracking

Shipment visibility and reliable reporting

With TotalVue™ Tracking, access near real-time status updates on in-transit shipments, including alerts for delayed packages, so you can better plan for the unexpected.

Streamlined operations and search functionality

TotalVue™ Tracking can help ensure uninterrupted operations with shipment tracking tools that provide expected delivery times, delivery confirmation, delayed shipment notifications and more. With detailed search functionality, TotalVue™ Tracking empowers you to quickly find critical shipment insights to support better resource planning. 

This technology was developed in collaboration with customers to take the guesswork out of shipment monitoring by providing:

  • ​​​​Alerts for delayed packages within the dashboard

  • Up-to-date expected delivery times

  • Confirmation of what was already delivered

  • Complete search by PO number, shipper or supplier

  • ​​​​​​Ability to view status by geography

  • Straightforward, comprehensive reporting 

  • One-click direct link to FedEx.com tracking page

  • Insights that can help plan resources that support deliveries


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