Monoject™ SmarTip™ Vial Access Cannula

Safety is our top priority.

Direct ordering information:

  • Code:  8881540111
  • Quantity: 1000/case
  • Also available with combination 3 and 6-mL Syringes

Product information sheet

Developed to replace a variety of products in your sharps line during your Medication Preparation process when drawing from a vial, SmarTip™ is the needle-free solution that’s superior by design.

Evaluate a SmarTip™ Vial Access Cannula today


— for clinician safety

Our needleless plastic cannula helps prevent accidental needlesticks.


— for patient safety

The anti-coring design reduces vial coring and the chance of drawing incidental particulate matter along with medication.


A 16g flow rate allows for quick and easy draws, even for viscous fluids.


1) BD™ Blunt Fill needle reorder #305180
2) Based on internal test results using simulated skin. Data on file.
3) Monoject 18 Gage needle reorder # 11811022. DOF. 2016