Cardinal Health exam gloves

Total Hand Comfort has Arrived

With the protection, strength and fit you asked for


Comfort Matters

Your generous feedback regarding exam glove attributes has been an invaluable resource in the design of our new Comfort line. With your help, we gained a deeper understanding of what matters most- Protection, Strength and Fit.

Introducing the Total Comfort Solution:

Increased Protection- helping to reduce the risk of developing a Type IV Hypersensitivity to chemical accelerants

Increased Strength- minimum elongation1 of 650%2 which helps to reduce cuff tears during donning

Better Fit- like latex that you will notice with one touch

ESTEEM™ Comfort

FLEXAL™ Comfort

Attributes ESTEEM™ Comfort FLEXAL™ Comfort
Nitrile exam gloves X X
Enhanced Elongation1 X X
Low Dermatitis Potential X X
Feel like Latex X X
Premium Packaging w/Dispensing Film X X
USP <800> Compliant X X
Protection level Increased Standard
Fingertip thickness 4.5mil 3.7mil

We are proud to say that our Comfort exam gloves were designed with you in mind. Experience the difference Comfort makes - request a sample today!

  1. Elongation (Def.): The amount of extension (=Stretch) of an object under stress, usually expressed as a percentage of the original length.
  2. Ultimate Elongation Before Aging (%) per ASTM D6319
  3. This Cardinal Health product helps healthcare facilities comply with the USP <800> standard for the safe handling of hazardous drugs