ASC Supply Chain Insights

Listen to our new podcast to gain insights for your ASC

In a podcast hosted by Becker's ASC and sponsored by Cardinal Health, Penny Williams, an experienced clinician of more than 30 years, discusses how to best manage and optimize your ASC. Listen to the podcast to gain insights and understanding on the importance of collaboration between care givers, clinicians, leadership, and supply chain. When these leaders come together to make decisions in your ASC, it can help lead to lower costs, less waste, and other great benefits.


Benefits of conducting a supply chain assessment

The first step in optimizing your ASC is conducting a supply chain assessment. You must first understand your supply needs and processes before implementing a clinically integrated supply chain. Here's what a supply chain assessment looks like:        

•  We bring a “fresh set of eyes” to help uncover process improvements

•  We use our supply chain expertise to evaluate supply usage and efficiency

•  We use our data and analytics to find savings opportunities


Supply Chain Assessment Overview